Shopping on the island of isla cozumel

When you are ready for a break from the sun and surf, leisurely stroll through the shops in town. Great buys can be found on Mexican items. Walking the streets and shopping centers is a delightful experience. From a custom made t- shirt to one–of-a-kind silver jewelry collection…shops and boutiques have the best selection and value on the Island.
You will also find a number of shops specializing in resort wear. And you’ll see a wide array of imported items, including duty-free perfumes and cosmetics, china and crystal, watches and cameras.

If you shop carefully, you will find that prices on jewelry fashioned with Mexican silver and turquoise are exceptionally good. When buying sterling silver, always make sure you see “925” stamped on the item. Gold items, should be stamped with a set of two numbers and two letters (in any combination) Textiles are another important product and show Mexico’s geographic and cultural diversity. Traditional Mayan dresses (huipiles) and shawls (rebozos), as well as men’s embroidered cotton shirts (guayaberas) and tightly woven Panama hats, are representative of the States in the Yucatan peninsula, including the State of Quintana Roo. Hammocks are also an essential part of life in the region and are available in a wide array of color combinations and fabrics.

Leather goods, including shoes, boots, belts, purses and luggage reflect Mexico’s proud tradition of a fine craftsmanship and its high quality.
Mexican handicrafts are among the most sought-after items here, and you’ll be able to choose from a large assortment of works by artisans from nearly everywhere in the Country.
Reproductions of ancient native handicrafts, including jewelry, stone carvings; wooden masks and semiprecious-stone sculptures make wonderful souvenirs. You’ll also find colonial-style items such as filigree jewelry, lacework and wood furniture. Interesting objects crafted from onyx, one of Mexico’s major exports, are widely available as well.
Be sure to check out the vast selection of pottery in Cozumel’s stores. Pottery art includes everything from unglazed clay pieces to beautiful stoneware crockery.
If you’re looking for a souvenir T-shirt, you will have plenty of shops to choose from and with such a wide selection, you are sure to find the perfect one.

The major stores are usually open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  However, Cozumel observes the traditional Mexican custom of the afternoon siesta: many shops close for a few hours in the afternoon. When a cruise ship is in port, more stores tend to remain open during the siesta period. Most stores accept credit cards, U.S. dollars and traveler’s checks.

On the water front avenue Rafael E. Melgar, just in front of Punta Langosta pier. This shopping mall has a wide variety of fast food restaurants like Burger King and Subway also  well known restaurants as T.G.I  Friday’s, Sr. Frog’s, Carlos´n  Charlie’s

Also many fashion stores, jewelry, tobacco shop and the wonderful DUTY FREE shops.



Forum Shops offers a new experience known as the Caribbean Shopping Style, where the customer will be able to save 50% from what is customary in the United States and Canada for exclusive items as those found in the fine jewelry shops, clothes and designer accessories, perfumes and many more. Forum’s Plaza biggest attraction is the interactive jewelry workshop where the tourist can watch while jewelry is being crafted into an exquisite piece.
For people who love to enjoy Cozumel’s most beautiful scenery, visit Havana Club simply indulging a great a cocktail or authentic havanos from the House of the Havano.
There is also an Auditorium at the mall, where tourists enjoy the Mexican ballet, which is also available for special events. The two-story shopping center is conveniently air-conditioned and has an electrical staircase.


Cozumel has so many jewelry stores that adding them together is not an easy thing to, given that Cozumel is one of the world’s busiest cities for retail jewelry sales and your best buys are far from only Mexican crafted silver. Waterfront jewelries not only have exotic stones but also the finest diamonds; most jewelry stores are duty free.