The first Maya settled in Cozumel 2,000 years ago. However, during the classic period 300-900.A.D.- a time when priests were at the top of the social hierarchy in the Maya world...

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The Island of Cozumel measures 48 km (30 miles) from north to south but only 16(10 miles ) from east to west. On either side of the island, beaches form a long, white sandy coast...

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The development of Cozumel differs from that Cancun, which was planned. COZUMEL growght has been gradual and spontaneous, far the longest time, based on small to medium-size hotels...

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most popular celebrations in Mexico and the most important religious celebration on the island of Cozumel. Cozumeleños are very devoted to the Virgin of Guadeloupe...

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Cozumel is rich in history and natural wonders. Popular destinations include ancient Mayan temples on the north side of the Island; the sanctuary to Ix- Chel -the fertility goddess- in San Gervasio and the Museum of the Island of Cozumel, with its colorful displays of underwater reefs and other Island treasures.

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Without a doubt, the best and most well... known Cozumel attraction is the Great Mayan Reef Barrier 2nd largest in the world, Spectacular reefs, surround the island. There are 26 classes of corals identified in Cozumel.

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Daily tours exploring archaeological temples on the Yucatan Peninsula from Cozumel are quite popular and are available through local travel agencies.

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At the biggest archaeological site on the island you can be part of the Mayan culture and its mysteries.

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History of Isla Cozumel

Mexico's Isla Cozumel (or Cozumel Island) derives its name from the Mayans who believed the island to be a sacred shrine. In Maya, Cuzamil translates to "land of the swallows," a reflection of the indigenous birds that grace the landscape.

Spanish explorer Juan de Grijalva made a peaceful stop on the island in 1518. The visit was followed a year later by the infamous Hernán Cortés. The conqueror proceeded to destroy many of the Mayan temples. By the time Cortés left Cozumel, the ancient civilization lie in ruins.


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